Crimson Yard Candles

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Hand poured 100% Soy · Non-Toxic · Non-Allergenic • Clean Burning · Free of Paraffins, Additives & Dyes

All of their wax is carefully crafted to be kind to your health, and gentle on our planet. Our candles are free of parabens, additives + dyes – and are devoid of anything that could hurt your health.

Province: Ontario


When lit, the wooden wick warms the soy wax, releasing a medium scent throw, throughout any room, camper or shop, creating a truly warm and toasty ambiance.


Created only by Crimson Yard with the true Canadian breakfast in mind, made with the familiar smell of pancakes, Canadian maple syrup, and freshly brewed coffee.  When lit, the wooden wick warms the wax thoroughly, releasing a medium scent throw with a touch of a wood-burning fire.

The perfect scent for a Good Morning!


Our most popular scent of spiced vanilla & cotton, with subtle hints of a wood-burning campfire. This candle is perfect for those who love the smell of a campfire, but more of a subtle version. When lit, the wooden wick warms the wax, creating a medium scent throw. A perfect scent to burn all year round or to create your cozy space during the colder months.