Our Makers

Below you will find a list of all the Canadian small and local businesses that supply us with amazing treats for our crates!







Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Baked at home by locals, with local ingredients. Our mission is to continue nourishing our local community through local suppliers and social enterprises and to be the voice of intuitive, mindful nourishment in your grocery stores' snack aisle. 

Why we love them: This little company is literally also their community. Their farm neighbours supply the ingredients for their products, and they are darn tasty to boot!






Montreal, Quebec

A vegan, Canadian owned company who works directly with organic farmers and producers to bring unique offerings with ethical attributes. Many products feature up-cycled and recyclable packaging that is hand made by a women's cooperative offering livable reliable wages.

Why we love them: Because they dared to make watermelon chips! They might all stick together in the package, but they taste just like candy.





Cambridge, Ontario

Chips, popcorn and seasonings, oh my!  From Farm to Table Canada provides amazing popcorn and kettle chips that have a wide variety of flavours. They work closely with local farmers, ensuring that they know exactly what is going into their products - no pesticides and no GMOs.

Why we love them: We are huge fans of both Ontario corn and potatoes, and love to enjoy them in all different ways. The seasonings add that perfect burst of flavour as well.



Sapsucker Logo

Flesherton, Ontario

This organic, sparkling water is nothing like you’ve tried before. Packed with 46 naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, this bubbly beverage will keep you cool right through the summer.

Why we love them: We love a versatile drink that you can dress up, or dress down. We like to add our favourite alcohol to turn this unique beverage into a refreshing cocktail!


Copperpot Nuts Logo

Coldwater, Ontario

Copperpot Nuts Inc. had humble beginnings in 2009 as a garage start-up near a small town in Ontario called Coldwater. Now, they have a brick-and-mortar store where they offer more than 20 flavours of nuts, seasoned with hand-crafted recipe blends. 

Why we love them: Beer nuts in particular hold a special place in our hearts as a nostalgic cottage treat. They are the perfect little sweet snack, or as a part of a larger snack spread.

Malty & Hoppy Delicacy Logo

Toronto, Ontario

Founded by Francoise Briet, a professional Chef who also has a PhD in nutrition and a multitude of other qualifications, Malty & Hoppy Delicacy is truly one of a kind. Perfect for a summer BBQ snack, or an addition to a charcuterie board, the beer you can eat will be sure to become one of your favourites.

Why we love them: We have truly never seen a product like this before, and when we tried them it was love at first bite. Their jellies are slightly sweet, complete with the notes of your favourite beer.


Hamilton, Ontario

MDRN JRKY was founded with the goal of creating a clean and lean high protein snack as well as a sustainable plant-based snack that is better for both us and the environment.

Why we love them: We love jerky, and being vegan herself, Catherine appreciates a plant-based jerky for simple and tasty snacks.

Bisou logo

Ottawa, Ontario

Bisou is North America’s first health food company focused around medjool dates. Beginning in 2018, the three co-founders wanted to provide their family and friends with healthy food that was natural and good for you, hence Bisou was born.

Why we love them: We always have medjool dates in our houses. When we found a Canadian company that makes date bites and date butters, we knew we had to have them in our crates.

Martin's logo

Waterloo, Ontario

Farming the land as far back as 1820, the Martin family has become known for their sweet, juicy apples that they originally sold at farmer’s markets. They take pride in every apple tree that they plant, and every apple that they harvest.

Why we love them: We have been enjoying their crispy apple chips for a long time. They are the perfect alternative to the classic potato chip; crunchy, sweet and satisfying.


Toronto, Ontario

Founded by passionate vegan baker, Eden Hertzog, in her last year of highschool, she wanted to see what would happen if she tried to sell her cookies - they were a huge hit, and an instant success. She hasn’t looked back since!

Why we love them: With a wide range of allergens and preservatives left OUT of the ingredients, these wholesome cookies can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone!


Scarborough, Ontario

Since 2015, Handfuel has been focusing on supplying flavourful and nutritious products for health conscious consumers across Canada. Their products are made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients.

Why we love them: Simplicity is key, and with just a handful of quality ingredients used, these whole nuts are healthy and delicious.







 Keeler, Saskatchewan

Prairie Berries was founded in 1993 with a simple but ambitious goal: introduce the delicious, high-in-nutrients Saskatoon Berries to the world. Each Saskatoon berry tree is nourished by nature and cared for by environmentally conscious people.

Why we love them: A super nutritious little berry that you can put in salads, shakes, or eat on their own.


Midale, Saskatchewan

Striving to bridge the gap between farmers and your plate, Three Farmers use sustainable farming, minimal processing, and full transparency.  Their products are delicious, wholesome and packed with nutrients.

Why we love them: We support sustainability. You can trace your package of food and check out how your product was made and where. How cool is that?





Strathmore, Alberta

Sweetsmith makes delicious brittle that is free from many common allergens.  In 2012, founder Dannah wanted to provide sweets for those with dietary restrictions; Sweetsmith Candy Co. was born!

Why we love them: Her candy is handcrafted and comes in so many unique and luscious flavours.


Calgary, Alberta

Born from a mom’s desire to create a great tasting, no-compromise snack made with wholesome, naturally simple ingredients that she and her family would enjoy.

Why we love them: A great alternative to greasy potato chips! They’re super crispy and simple.



 Hardbite chips logo

Surrey, British Columbia

If you haven’t heard of Hardbite chips, you’re missing out.  Inspired by nature and handcrafted in beautiful BC, these chips contain just the right amount of unique seasonings, with just the right crunch.  These chips are all-natural, and are gluten-free, kosher, and all but two of their flavours are completely vegan.

Why we love them: We are self-proclaimed chip connoisseurs, and Hardbite chips are hard to beat. With their unique flavours, all-natural approach and small batch production, these are the most flavourful and crispy chips you will ever have!


Hardy Buoys Logo

Port Hardy, BC

What started out as a hobby and side business for Bruce Dirom, quickly turned into a successful family business. They are one of the most popular smoked salmon brands on Vancouver Island, and their hot smoked salmon is hailed as #1 in its category!

Why we love them: They are deeply connected to their community, giving back by sponsoring sports teams and youth events, and many staff volunteer their time on behalf of the company to participate in fundraising events.


Home Grown Living Foods Logo

Cowichan Valley, BC

Founded in 2008 by Shani Cranston, a yogi, surfer, outdoor enthusiast, and a Type 1 diabetic. This condition encouraged a deeper understanding of the alchemy of food and how it affects our bodies, and the creation of hOMe Grown Living Foods.

Why we love them: We are health conscious and love Cranston’s story. An added bonus is that they are organic, keto, vegan, gluten free & sprouted!


Richmond, British Columbia

This eco-conscious and innovative company saw a gap in the market for clean gummies and is now one of the biggest clean gummy producers in Canada.

Why we love them: A truly inclusive company, they strive to make their products available to everybody regardless of household income, dietary restrictions or religious preferences.
















Hey! I'm Catherine, the youngest Canuck. I've lived overseas and know what it's like to miss the familiar flavours and scents of home, like maple syrup, camp fire, and roasted marshmallows!


Hey, I'm Tammy! The first Canuck sister. I loved growing up in Southern Ontario, making the most of each season every time it came around. From water skiing on Eels Lake in the summer and lounging in the shallow waters of Wasaga Beach, to snowboarding down a Blue Mountain run in the winter, and jumping through the biggest mound of leaves at the cottage in the fall.