Our Story

Tammy and Catherine were raised together in Southern Ontario, where their parents fostered a great love for the outdoors, no matter the season. In the summer time, they would be taken up to their grandparent's cottage on Lake Simcoe where they would spend their days collecting bugs, looking for frogs, and selling golf balls back to golfers in the golf course behind the property, or they would go their aunt and uncle's cottage in Haliburton to spend their days in Ontario's famous black lake waters.  

    Tammy holding a fish as big as Catherine

In the winters, the girls would be taken up north to the Blue Mountains and spend the chilly days skiing and snowboarding while their parents eagerly waited for them with hot chocolate at the bottom of the hill. Another very common sight was seeing the family on the frozen surface of Lake Simcoe, learning how to use an auger to bore a hole through the thick ice, or bobbing the fishing line in the water, holding their dad's home made wooden ice fishing sticks.  

Sisters on Lake Simcoe ice fishing in the 90s  Sisters with their dad on Lake Simcoe in the 90s.


The sisters are very excited to be working on this project together, and they hope that they can bring all of the comforts of home that they know and love right to your doorstep!