Small Business Spotlight: Comeback Snacks

Small Business Spotlight: Comeback Snacks


Comeback Snacks Logo. It's so good, it's criminal.

Name: Comeback Snacks

Founder: Emily O’Brien

Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Products: Flavoured caramel popcorn


Comeback Snacks popcorn was developed while Emily was in prison. She understood the challenges that her and her fellow inmates would face when they returned to society, and instead of just serve her time and come out with no plan; she planned and came out with a mission.

In prison, popcorn was a lifeline for Emily and the women who were incarcerated with her. They expressed their cultures and creativity with spice blends and mixtures, and this is what Emily used as inspiration to develop and start her business.

We’ve spoken to Emily on a number of occasions and she is truly passionate about her business and the opportunities and support system she creates for other women in the same situation she found herself in.

Why we love them: This caramel popcorn is not your everyday popcorn, the flavours are unique (have you tried the PB & J!?), and the passion and care behind making them is bar none. Emily is a success story to be inspired by (we sure are!) and we love her mission to help others.

Included in: Subscription crates (Lemon Meringue Caramel July 2021)

Order a subscription crate to enjoy snacks from businesses just like this!

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