September Subscription Crate Reveal: fall fair

September Subscription Crate Reveal: fall fair

This September we filled our subscription crate with products inspired by the yearly event Canadian's all over the country know well - fall fair (also know as harvest festivals!

With thousands of rural communities scattered across the country, fall fairs are a popular destination to go to in September with your friends and family. Booths selling freshly dipped candy apples and giant pretzels line the pathways to the most popular events of the fair; tractor pulls, pumpkin toss and of course, the prize everyone wants to see with their own eyes, first place in the largest/heaviest pumpkin competition (which can top 1000lbs!).

View the full You Tube unboxing video by Sarah from A Year of Boxes!


Read below to see the full list of what was included, and the makers behind these delicious products!


Included in September's crate:

  • Little Tucker Salted Caramel Energy Balls
  • From Farm to Table Butter Caramel Corn
  • Eat My Shortbread Craic Shortbread Bites
  • Dutch Monarch Vanilla Ice Cream Mix
  • Good To Go Chocolate Cake In A Cup
  • Carrot Bacon Applewood Carrot Jerky
  • Golden Ticket Salted Pretzel Caramels
  • Kinnikinnick Graham Style Kritters
  • Black River Organic Apple Cider



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Our September crate makers:


Calgary, Alberta

Their energy snacks are packed with flavour, nutrients, and goodness.  Completely vegan and gluten-free, these snacks will fill you with energy and send your taste-buds to heaven!

Why we love them: We love expanding our knowledge of plant-based foods.  With 5 flavours, you’re sure to find one you love!

*Sadly, Little Tucker will be closing. We are glad we were able to get them into our subscription crate while we still could!*



Cambridge, Ontario

Chips, popcorn and seasonings, oh my!  From Farm to Table Canada provides amazing popcorn and kettle chips that have a wide variety of flavours.  They work closely with local farmers, ensuring that they know exactly what is going into their products - no pesticides and no GMOs.

Why we love them: We are huge fans of both Ontario corn and potatoes, and love to enjoy them in all different ways. The seasonings add that perfect burst of flavour as well.



Oshawa, Ontario

Eat My Shortbread opened in 1994 with the goal of having a bite of shortbread in the mouth of every Canadian. Knowing that gifting baked goods is reserved for only the most special people in your life, Eat My Shortbread make their bites with real ingredients and genuine care.

Why we love them: Because they use tons of delicious butter in their cookies and aren’t afraid to say it! Butter is back!



Stoney Lake, Ontario

The Van Essen family business est. 2010, Dutch Monarch, sprouted from a recipe passed down to them by their uncle in Holland, “Oom Bep”. Oom Bep’s ice cream cakes were so popular in his home town of Apeldoorn, the Van Essen’s decided to bring the unique recipe home and share it with the rest of Canada, lucky us!

Why we love them: Family recipes passed down from generation to generation are so unique and cherished by all who get to enjoy them. We love that we get to be a part of this family.



Vaughan, Ontario

Good To Go is a branch of three siblings’ food manufacturing family business, Riverside Natural Foods, that is dedicated to making the Keto diet simple, easy and effortless. 

Why we love them: They are a social and environmentally conscious company with many commitments they are proud to be a part of: 1% For The Planet, Bcorp, Zero Waste Certification TRUE, and all AODA requirements. WOW!



Peterborough, Ontario

Taking the classic art of charcuterie by storm, Carrot Bacon aims to change the notion that charcuterie is primarily the exclusive domain for cured meats. Packed with all of the vitamins and nutrients you get when eating regular carrots, this crispy, savoury treat is healthy and absolutely delicious.

Why we love them: Daring to use the same name as the carnivore’s favourite breakfast delicacy, this vegan treat will leave any meat eater surprised, satisfied and satiated.



Hamilton, Ontario

Katie Reed started Golden Ticket in 2018 after her endless search for a classic caramel candy that wasn’t stale, expensive, or chalk-full of preservatives fell flat. She started making them herself, and now shares her high quality, super fresh caramels with everyone.

Why we love them: They make one product, and they make it extremely well. Practice makes perfect, and we think she’s pretty darn close to making the perfect caramel candy!



Edmonton, Alberta

A company devoted to making goodies free from allergens such as gluten, dairy, peanuts, nuts and soy, and a variety of many other preservatives and GMOs, so people of all ages can safely enjoy baked goods. 

Why we love them: They make every single product they sell from scratch in their dedicated gluten-free facility, and they have a HUGE selection of amazing goodies from animal crackers to donuts and pizza crust!



Mississauga, Ontario

With the aim to help Prince Edward County farmers utilize their leftover cherries (so not to have any of their crop go to waste), friends Keith Wallace and Grant Keane opened Black River in 1979, and since, have expanded into a wide range of pure and delicious fruit juices.

Why we love them: Because their juices are made as locally as you can get, they found that there was no need to add sugar or flavouring to keep the fruit’s flavour integrity. Delicious and all natural, sign us up!

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