Sending Care Packages Abroad: More than just your Mom Sending you Cookies in College

Catherine’s Story

Living abroad is an amazing experience. When you’re a Canadian expat, you’re not just visiting a country, you’re immersing yourself in the culture, the language, and the land. One thing is for sure: you're bound to get homesick. One way to relieve the feeling is to taste and smell what is familiar to you: for me, that was Canadian snacks. 
I remember, during my second year living in China after moving into a larger city in the province of Hunan, I found out that there was a Costco-esque store named Metro on the outskirts of the city. My expat friends told me that a lot of imported goods (including maple syrup) could be found there, so off I went, got my membership and soaked up the familiar bulk-shopping warehouse experience once again. Indeed, there was maple syrup (yay!) but the only other thing I found was a small package of cold-cuts that were called “Canada-flavour ham”. Canada-flavour? Even the Chinese said “加拿大风味” which was nearly identical to the Canadian translation. I could only assume that meant maple-flavoured. It was right then I realized there was not a chance that I would find my beloved Crispy Crunch, ketchup chips, or ginger-ale.
One of the most comforting things you can experience when you’re an expat is to receive a care package from home. My Mom and sister sent me a few care packages when I lived abroad, and I also got one from a friend in Saskatchewan. Opening up those packages in my little rural apartment in the subtropics was the absolute best.
Expats often feel homesick at times - this is inevitable. Sending some love from home can help alleviate those feelings, and allow them to feel closer to home. 
Friends and family abroad
Trending recently on Reddit is snack exchanges, no doubt because it's really fun sharing different food from your home country. You can easily do that for friends & family abroad with Canuck Crate care packages. We have a variety of pre-designed crates, as well as build your own if you're looking for something specific. If your loved ones haven’t been here, it isn’t likely that they have tried pure Canadian maple-syrup, Canadian chocolate bars, Tim Horton’s coffee, or other well-known-in-Canada drinks and snacks.
Sending a care package abroad is a unique and thoughtful gift that your friends and family are sure to love.
Canuck Crate care package with snacks
Importance of sending care packages to troops
For a lot of troops, being deployed overseas means being away from their families for months at a time. Sending something as simple as a care package filled with food and snacks that remind them of home can bring a great deal of comfort, and a mental boost they may need to get through the rest of their time there.
Your mom can still send you cookies.
And of course, getting a care package in your dorm room at college or university filled with cookies baked by your mom, dad, family member or friend is still a really great and heartwarming experience, even if you're only a 1 hour drive away ;).

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