November Subscription Crate Reveal: sweater weather

November Subscription Crate Reveal: sweater weather

Ahh sweater weather, a Canadian girl's absolute favourite time of year. There is just something we love about wrapping ourselves in the biggest, coziest sweater we have and sipping our drink of choice with only our fingers poking through the sleeve holes.

We filled our November box with all the feels 'sweater weather' gives us and hopefully we kept everyone cozy and warm, inside and out!

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Read below to see the full list of what was included, and the makers behind these delicious products!


Included in November's crate:

  • Buzz Natural Foods Chocolate Topping
  • Sinai Gourmet Hot Pepper Coulis
  • Zimt Vegan White Chocolate - The White Stuff
  • Alicja Confections  Ramen Bowl Chocolate
  • Oat Box Carrot Cake Overnight Oats
  • The Bean Ladies Chuckwagon Chili
  • New Moon Tea Co. Mulling Spices
  • Eatable Whisky on the Pops Popcorn


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Our November crate makers:


Sault-Ste Marie, Ontario

Searching for a healthier alternative to sugary hot cocoa mix, this mom took matters into her own hands; her kitchen, turned into a test lab, she discovered the golden ingredient, honey!

Using only 3 ingredients, this mom and son duo managed to make hot chocolate healthier and tastier than ever before!



Montreal, Quebec

Sinai’s founder, Laurence Isaac spent over 2 years and hundreds of taste tests perfecting his sauces using only fresh and healthy ingredients, no preservatives.

They value natural, healthy, “naked” ingredients and won’t compromise on any of those to increase shelf life or profits.


Vancouver, British Columbia

If you are in search of ethical treats like we always are, Zimt is here for you! Founder Emma Smith started out by making chocolates in her home kitchen, and passed all the taste tests that she put her friends and family through. After bouncing from space to space, she finally secured her own chocolate factory where they continue to make delicious, vegan treats!

Other than being an ethical choice, we love that they donate 1% of their sales to both humans and non-human animals in need!


Ottawa, Ontario

“As a kid, I never liked chocolate. People find it funny, but it’s true!” states founder Alicja who went on to create her own chocolate flavours, and later on, a full blown chocolate revolution.

We love that they mix the classic and the new, modern and funky. Their classic chocolate bars explode with the most creative flavours we’ve ever seen!


Montreal, Quebec

“All for oats, and oats for all!” is their motto, and one we can get behind. Discovering the full potential of oats was just the beginning for OatBox, now on a quest to find smarter, healthier ways to eat for us and the environment.

Using only organic, plant based ingredients, Oatbox makes oatmeal sing in your mouth with classic flavours like carrot cake and apple pie.


Dundas, Ontario

The Bean Ladies was founded in 1998 by twin sisters Julie Ryder and Jamie Miles. They wanted to create a healthier product to fundraise for their kids’ sports teams, so they packaged their family's recipe for Homestyle Hearty Bean Soup and the rest is history!

Finding healthy, packaged food is no easy task. The Bean Ladies make this easy for anyone (us included!) wanting to create healthy, flavourful meals at home.


Nakusp, British Columbia

Inspired by the earth and plants around us and the ancient traditions which were used as prevention, maintenance and restoration, Christine- the creator, blender, artist and dreamer-  began to learn the ancient art of herbalism and began on this journey.

It’s their goal to have traceable origin teas direct from the farmer to you. Knowing where your food comes from is essential, and we love that they take this into consideration.


Concord, Ontario

A husband and wife duo, who bonded over their love of cabernet sauvignon in a wine tasting class, left their desk jobs in 2018 to pursue their life long passion of food together.

They created the perfect pairing, snack food + alcohol, and it is absolutely magical!

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