Introducing: The Hoser Crate, eh

Introducing: The Hoser Crate, eh


OK, introducing the Hoser Crate eh: Inspired by the original hosers, Bob and Doug McKenzie, 24 of Canada’s finest lagers, re-boxed and delivered right to your hose-head friend’s doorstep eh. 

While we love the idea (and think we are hilarious for making it up) we unfortunately won’t actually be making any Hoser Crates available for purchase because, APRIL FOOLS!

If you had your heart set on purchasing one, I think The Beer Store sells them too :)

For those wondering what a ‘hoser’ actually is, we’ve compiled a few definitions from the internet’s favourite dictionary, Urban Dictionary. All are acceptable.

Hoser: (n) Canadian hockey derogatory term that is similar to the American "idiot" or "loser". It is derived from the pre-zamboni days, where the LOSING team would have to hose down the ice after the game.

Snack on that for lunch, you frickin hoser!

Canadian term popularized by the McKenzie brothers referring to someone clumsy or stupid who drinks beer excessivly.

"You hoser, eh!"

A Canadian term of both derision and affection, popularized - but NOT invented - by the MacKenzie Brothers (from their "Great White North" segments on the old SCTV programme).

Used as a negative, it basically means "idiot." When used positively, it's a phrase of light endearment.

In both cases, it is most effective when the subject(s) displays stereotypically Canadian attributes.

NEG - "They drank all our beers and smoked all our smokes. What a bunch of Hosers."

POS - "They drank all our beers and smoked all our smokes, but took the ski-doos to get more before the hockey game started. What a bunch of Hosers."

And for those wondering who Bob and Doug McKenzie are, we leave you with this:

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