August Subscription Crate Reveal: camping

August Subscription Crate Reveal: camping

In Canada, August is prime-time camping season; the weather is hot and sunny and families are taking full advantage of National and Provincial parks, and all of the outdoors they can get in before school starts and fall sets in.

Our August crate was full of 'camping' inspired treats, from trail mix and dried peas, to gourmet instant rice and bison snack sticks.

Read below to see the full list of what was included, and the makers behind these delicious products!


Included in our August crate:

  • Backcountry Wok Original Fried Rice
  • Parallel Smoked Sesame Seed Butter
  • HoneyBar Trail Mix Bar
  • Home Grown Living Foods Seaweed Surf Trail Mix
  • County Bounty Foraged Botanicals Tonic
  • Picard's Toasted Corn Nuts
  • BUFF Chipotle Bison Snack Sticks
  • Zak Organics Garden Herb Crunchy Peas
  • Welo Probiotic Bar



August Subscription Crate


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Our August crate makers:



Ottawa, Ontario

Inspired by their own backpacking trip which left them with a heavy heart and a garbage bag full of plastic packaging, Backcountry Wok (now Off the Path Provisions) was developed to offer sustainable and healthy meals for people on the go.

Why we love them: They not only care about what they put in their food, they make sure that none of it affects our environment. Sustainability is at the forefront of their business and we love that!




Toronto, Ontario

Inspired by the Mediterranean food of their childhood, the 3 Ozery brothers founded Parallel to share the wholesome, delicious food they love.  Creating delicious butters in various flavours the idea of peanut butter alternatives is

Why we love them: We love when makers are inspired by their childhood and their culture, and Catherine is always looking for safe peanut-butter alternatives to bring to school!




Ottawa, Ontario

In 1987, Frank, originally from Greece, reminisced about his home country snacks including sesame seeds, honey, and sugar.  A baker by trade, he made his first bar out of just sesame seeds and honey, making a healthy snack bar. Now, with various flavours, HoneyBar is certified Gluten free, and Kosher, to boot!

Why we love them: HoneyBar is committed to keeping the growing, making and packaging of their products 100% in Canada. They are a healthy snack that will fuel you when you go about your busy day.



Cowichan Valley, BC

Founded in 2008 by Shani Cranston, a yogi, surfer, outdoor enthusiast, and a Type 1 diabetic. This condition encouraged a deeper understanding of the alchemy of food and how it affects our bodies, and the creation of hOMe Grown Living Foods.

Why we love them: We are health conscious and love Cranston’s story. An added bonus is that they are organic, keto, vegan, gluten free & sprouted!




Napanee, Ontario

County Bounty’s craft sodas are amazing. They were born from the idea of reducing food waste when Dodie (owner) was gifted strawberries that were about to spoil.  She searched for ways to use the strawberries and began making cordials, thus beginning the delicious line of drinks.

Why we love them: Just like us, their mission is to support fellow Canadians; sourcing the freshest ingredients from local farmers from around Ontario!



Picard's logo

Southern Ontario

The Picard family introduced peanuts to the sandy soils of Southwestern Ontario’s Norfolk County in 1979. Since then, they’ve developed over 150 peanut and confectionery products sold in their very own retail outlets all around Southern Ontario.

Why we love them: We have been shopping at Picard’s for years, and we love that they have been a small, family business since the late 1970s.



Shallow Lake, Ontario

Sustainability, Community, Transparency, and Value; these are the 4 pillars of BUFF. Made for quick, healthy and nutrient-dense snacks, BUFF’s Bison Snack Sticks are uniquely fermented, which helps to preserve the food as well as adding beneficial enzymes, Omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins and various strains of probiotics.

Why we love them: They are committed to producing a 100% natural product; no ‘fillers’, no MSG, and no growth hormones. They also use natural sea salt and maple syrup to preserve and sweeten their snack sticks.



Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Passionate about organic farming, this husband and wife team wanted to create a healthy alternative to traditional snack food. Adding dressings made from natural herbs and spices, their crunchy pea snacks are nutritious and delicious!

Why we love them: They are a school and work-safe snack that you don’t need to feel guilty about!



Waterloo, Ontario

The co-founders of Welo (short for We Love) don’t want you to have to choose between snacks that taste good, make you feel good and do good for the world, so theirs do all three.

Why we love them: We love the benefits of probiotics; they can help with digestion, immunity, sustained energy and more. They are vegan, gluten free and low in sugar.

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