July Subscription Crate Reveal: fruity

July Subscription Crate Reveal: fruity

Summer is in full swing and our July subscription crate was bursting with fruity  flavours.

We had 10 delicious fruit flavoured snacks in this month's crate and loved every one of them. No doubt the most unique snack we found were the Cha's Organics watermelon chips; who would have even guessed you could make chips out of watermelon - but we are sure glad they did! Yum!

Included in our July crate:

    • Cha's Organics Watermelon Chips
    • Rawnata Cinnamon Goji Crackers
    • New Moon Kitchen Coconut Chocolate Mackies
    • Herbaland Peach Passion Gummies
    • Handfuel Lemon Marcona Almonds
    • MadeGood Chocolate Banana Granola Minis
    • Comeback Snacks Lemon Meringue Caramel Popcorn
    • Three Farmers Sea Salt and Lime Chickpeas
    • Pluck Southbrook Berry Loose Leaf Tea
    • Snow Farms Dried Tart Cherries



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Our July crate makers:


Montreal, Quebec

A vegan, Canadian owned company who works directly with organic farmers and producers to bring unique offerings with ethical attributes. Many products feature up-cycled and recyclable packaging that is hand made by a women's cooperative offering livable reliable wages.

Why we love them: Because they dared to make watermelon chips! They might all stick together in the package, but they taste just like candy.



New Bothwell, Manitoba

Founded in 2003 by a mother of EIGHT who desired to make healthier choices and base her and her kid’s diets on seeds and other whole foods.

Why we love them: We love that their main ingredient is seeds because they are a very underutilized whole food with loads of nutritional benefits.



Toronto, Ontario

Founded by passionate vegan baker, Eden Hertzog, in her last year of highschool, she wanted to see what would happen if she tried to sell her cookies - they were a huge hit, and an instant success. She hasn’t looked back since!

Why we love them: With a wide range of allergens and preservatives left OUT of the ingredients, these wholesome cookies can be enjoyed by pretty much everyone!



Richmond, British Columbia

This eco-conscious and innovative company saw a gap in the market for clean gummies and is now one of the biggest clean gummy producers in Canada.

Why we love them: A truly inclusive company, they strive to make their products available to everybody regardless of household income, dietary restrictions or religious preferences.



Scarborough, Ontario

Since 2015, Handfuel has been focusing on supplying flavourful and nutritious products for health conscious consumers across Canada. Their products are made in small batches with the highest quality ingredients.

Why we love them: Simplicity is key, and with just a handful of quality ingredients used, these whole nuts are healthy and delicious.



Vaughan, Ontario

Founded by three siblings who love healthy food, and believe that snacking is for everyone.”Good is our passion. Good is for everyone. Good is high standards. Good is a happy planet”.

Why we love them: Because they somehow managed to sneak an entire serving of vegetables into their snacks, and made them taste incredibly delicious. Good luck eating just a few granola minis!



Hamilton, Ontario

A truly inspiring story, Emily O’Brien used her time in jail to better herself and came out with a successful business, Comeback Snacks, and mission to help others.

Why we love them: This caramel popcorn is not your everyday popcorn. The flavours are unique, and the passion and care behind making them is bar none.



Midale, Saskatchewan

Striving to bridge the gap between farmers and your plate, Three Farmers use sustainable farming, minimal processing, and full transparency.  Their products are delicious, wholesome and packed with nutrients.

Why we love them: We support sustainability. You can trace your package of food and check out how your product was made and where. How cool is that?



Toronto, Ontario

Founded in 2012, a Toronto-based tea lover is fed up with the poor quality of restaurant tea. Wanting to shake up the industry by injecting a little fun, Pluck was born from a desire to create a beverage that was anything but your grandmother’s cup of tea.

Why we love them: Their award winning teas actually taste like something more than slightly flavoured water! Absolutely delicious and beautifully fragrant is an understatement.



Burnaby, British Columbia

Snow Farms is run by a family dedicated to providing the best quality with everything they produce. They offer 100% all-natural and ethically produced products.

Why we love them: They are the source of their products, growing and producing their products all on their own.


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