5 Reasons Why Shopping Local Benefits Us All!

5 Reasons Why Shopping Local Benefits Us All!

Ever since the pandemic lockdowns became widespread across our communities in Canada, there has been a real push towards supporting local businesses. Large, international companies have been hit as well - but many local businesses are small, and a lot of them benefit way more from every sale than their larger competitors.

Canuck Crate is devoted to supporting local Canadian businesses by sourcing our products from both large and small Canadian companies. One goal we have for this year is to find really great and unique products from each province and each territory (we are almost there - if you know of any please let us know in the comments!). We are an all Canadian brand, supporting all Canadian businesses, and our mission is to help you discover them too.

If you aren’t aware of the many benefits our communities, as well as ourselves get from supporting companies that dream up, manufacture, and employ right here in Canada, we have compiled a list of 5 really great reasons to make you reach for the one with the “made in Canada” symbol first.

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Money Spent Locally Re-Circulates Locally

When we buy local, our money stays local (even if your local shop is online!). The multiplier effect states that every dollar spent in our own community will circulate at a faster rate and create more income and jobs for our neighbours. It’s estimated that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remains. Along with increasing economic growth, it also increases community value which leads to a more vibrant community.

Lessening Negative Environmental Impacts

When products are created, there is no denying that fossil fuels are needed for every stage of their production. However, the farther away our products come from, the more fossil fuels are used to get them to their final destination via trucks, boats and planes.

It may be a slow process, but our country is striving to be greener and cleaner (which is better than not at all). One large initiative being carried out is the reduction in fossil fuel use and carbon emissions. Buying local helps to reduce the amount of fossil fuels being used to get products into our homes, which helps our country, and our world become a healthier one.

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Promotes Entrepreneurship Locally

Starting a new business is hard; from navigating the local business laws, logistics, and endless policies, to building a new, unknown brand and website, to finally promoting and marketing your products.  

When we buy local, we allow local dreams to be realized. It encourages Canadians who have started a business to keep on going, keep on pushing to provide amazing Canadian products to all of us. Communities become more vibrant and beautiful local shops pop up all around town.

Creates Jobs Locally 

When we invest in local businesses, they thrive and they grow! When they grow, jobs are created! 

Between 2013 and 2017, Canadian small businesses accounted for 85.3 percent of net job creation in the private sector and in 2017 alone, 89.6 percent of new employment was at a small business. Buying locally means that employment levels are more likely to be stable, and may create more opportunities for local residents to work (and shop) in their communities.

Creating jobs and supporting our neighbourhood entrepreneurs is especially important now, during a global pandemic; this is a time when people need jobs the most.

Local business creates local jobs, increases community value, keep it local

Consumer Choice is Increased

The chances of getting a large business/corporation to receive and consider questions or suggestions, requests and feedback is quite low. When you support local and small businesses, you aren’t just another order number, you are a name, a face and a lifelong valuable client. 

When you provide feedback to these businesses, they are far more likely to take your comments and suggestions into consideration, and can tailor products to needs that are unique to the community. In the end, you get more tailored product choices!

We could go on for days about why shopping locally is great, but the benefits are clear; shop local and create a brighter, more vibrant community for everyone!






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