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Discover Canadian makers with Canuck Crate.

When you buy any Canuck Crate you are supporting small businesses all across Canada.

Our mission is to introduce you to all of the unique, creative and delicious products our fellow Canucks produce.

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  • pop mama

    Regular price $60.00 CAD
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    pop mama
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  • muskoka mama

    Regular price From $45.00 CAD
    Regular price Sale price From $45.00 CAD
    muskoka mama
  • sweet mama

    Regular price $48.00 CAD
    Regular price Sale price $48.00 CAD
    sweet mama
  • tropical mama

    Regular price $38.00 CAD
    Regular price Sale price $38.00 CAD
    tropical mama
  • always Canadian

    All of the products we source are made by fellow Canucks from across the country.

  • small & local

    We support small and local businesses by sharing their products with you.

  • quality

    Fresh, locally sourced, high quality ingredients are what our makers love to use.

  • unique

    From coast to coast, we have discovered new and innovative products we love to share.

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  • Annie J. - Nov. sub crate

    "Wow, so many original products and different tastes. What a great box!"

  • Sasha Ye - Nov. sub crate

    "It seems that they're very creative with their snacks in Canada! Everything in this box sounds so delicious!"

  • Jessie M. - Sept. sub crate

    "Wow, this is more than just a snack box. Almost gourmet, or enhanced so to speak."

  • Joanna J. - Sept. sub crate

    "This looks so good! I'm loving all the gluten free stuff, I'm going to have to check this out."

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