Father's Day Crates
4 curated crates just for Dad, available now! FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA AND USA
A fun and exciting way to discover Canadian-made snacks and goodies!
Care Packages
Send your friends and family abroad the tastes, smells and feels of Canada.
Build Your Own Crate
Curate your own crate with our selection of classic, artisan and local Canadian products.



Nothing is more important to us than providing access to hundreds of high-quality, Canadian-made goodies and products.

We have sourced products from coast to coast to beautiful coast and have found over 130 incredible Canadian businesses to share with you.

Every product that fills our subscription and artisan crates are made locally by a fellow Canuck.


We take pride in finding and supporting small and local businesses like our own, and being a stage for them to share their products with you.

We know what it's like to live far away from home, to miss family, and to miss friends who have moved half way across the world. We know there are tons of you out there who are experiencing these same feelings.

Canuck Crate exists because we also know what it's like to receive a care package from home; how it can help alleviate homesickness, spark feelings of nostalgia, and bring joy to whomever opens one up and sees their favourite treat.


You can discover new and exciting Canadian snacks by treating yourself to a subscription box, send a thoughtful pre-designed gift crate for a special occasion, or build your own care package for a loved one overseas.


Canadians from coast to coast make and manufacture a ton of amazing and delicious products; our mission is to help you discover them easily and conveniently by delivering them right to your doorstep.

Use code FIRSTCRATE at checkout to get 10% off of your first subscription crate!

Curated Crates

We've already done the work for you and put together a range of crates, now all you have to do is pick one and decide who you would like to send it to!

Build Your Own Crate

Browse our large selection of Canadian favourites and artisan products, mix and match, and choose the ones you like and we will do the rest for you!


We had some maple syrup this morning, OMG it was sooo much better than the German shite from Lidle! - Jim, Cardiff UK
I just received my small subscription crate and I am SO IMPRESSED! - Tabitha, Winnipeg, Manitoba
My Canuck Crate arrived first thing in the morning, and I ate the maple cookies for breakfast! - Art, Cochrane AB


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